Developments at the CanCham

The recent AGM on October 4th, 2021 resulted in a new Board, and the subsequent Board meeting assigned responsibilities to Board members as follows:

  • Una Brūna, President (Executive Director at Latvian American Eye Center)
  • Ed Kalvins, Vice-President / Director, Business Development (President & CEO of Technical Partners International Inc.
  • Indra Sproģe-Kalviņa, Member of the Board / Director, Finance & Administration (Director, Administration of “TP Riga” SIA)
  • Shane Kells, Member of the Board / Director, Liaison with Canadians (Director of the International School of Riga)
  • Mark Watson, Member of the Board / Director, Corporate Membership (Business & Finance Consultant,  representative Riga Apartments)
  • Sam Davidovich, Director – Canada (Owner of Transcontinental Consulting Company)
CanCham Strategy 2022
The CanCham Board is reviewing its strategy and activities for 2022. The last strategy available was and is to be adjusted to meet updated member requirements.
Special Interest Projects

A new approach to CanCham activities was adopted in the spring of this year and refined during the summer. This involves working in small teams on special interest projects.

What started as a medical tourism project was expanded to include sports tourism, then business tourism, and finally trade tourism. The intent is to attract visitors to Latvia for a little bit of rest and relaxation, and an opportunity to discover Latvia, while still doing something important. Our DMC’s are offered the opportunity to help with these initiatives while also earning income at the same time for services provided. This way we hope to make the CanCham and Latvia interesting. The program has entered the implementation stage for the medical tourism project (see, and will be expanded to involve the others shortly.

Other special interest projects include the DMC system implementation and technical projects project development. The DMC system implementation is the objective of CanCham’s Trade Facilitation & Export Group to develop strategic partnerships, help members export goods and services, and attract Canadian companies to Latvia. The technical projects project is intended to support our members who are involved in renovation and building projects with a wide range of services from assisting with concept development to concept implementation to providing individual services or equipment related to construction related services.

We hope that all members will benefit from these initiatives and the work of the individual teams, and invite active participation. To do so, just contact a Board Member or Group Leader.
Upcoming events

The CanCham is committed to returning to in-person events as soon as COVID-19 restrictions allow. The current lockdown in Latvia should end on November 15th, and the government has indicated that events should normalize for those with covid certificates. We will try to have in-person events with video conferencing facilities for those that cannot attend. An event program will be developed for in-person events starting in early 2022. In the meantime, we will develop our special interest projects. Please follow for updates.

Past events
DMC System
Please be reminded that the DMC system for business development between Latvia and Canada is available to all members who wish to export goods or services or receive same from Canada. This is explained in (updated). Companies interested in exporting and developing strategic partnerships should take note. If help is required, please let us know.
Member advertising

The CanCham offers it members the opportunity to advertise their products and services though its web site, and its Face Book and LinkedIn social media sites.

Advertising collages are published periodically. This involves sending a jpg format picture advertisement. For further information, please contact a Board Member or Group Leader. For contact information, see

Special Recognition
We wish to recognize those members who advance CanCham’s objectives by having signed up at enhanced membership levels:
Other information

Par CanCham latviešu valodā – a presentation describing the CanCham in the Latvian language has been prepared by br.ook interior architecture. We thank Ligita Breģe and Baiba Rūķe for putting this together.


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