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CanCham members and their partners offer a wide range of medical services locally, and for international clients though our medical tourism initiative which provides a bundle of services and coordination of your trip to Latvia to receive medical examinations, diagnostics and treatment at affordable prices, in a secure environment, and by professional and highly skilled specialists with the added benefit of being able to enjoy the cultural and scenic environment of Latvia.

A Destination Management Coordinator (DMC) will help you plan the logistics of your trip from the time you arrive at Riga International Airport to the time you leave, organizing everything in between including the selection of medical service providers, legal help, accommodation, transfers, entertainment, shopping, excursions, etc. A personal assistant will be assigned to you during your visit in Latvia to ensure you have a positive experience.

Medical services in Latvia mean affordability, availability, safety, bundle services, cooperation, responsibility. Doctors and medical support staff of service providers who serve international clients are fluent in English, Russian and some other languages. International insurance companies offer a variety of reimbursement programs depending on the arrangement.
Medical Procedure package price based on two people (patient and accompanying person) for one week for:
Cataract operation for one eye - economy:
Cataract operation for one eye - standard:
Cataract operation for one eye - superior:
Vein treatment using Biological glue (VenaSeal™ Closure System) - economy:
Vein treatment using Biological glue (VenaSeal™ Closure System) - standard:
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Vein treatment using Biological glue (VenaSeal™ Closure System) - superior:
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These are the most popular services currently available. Others will be added shortly. If you have a special need, just let us know. We’ll see if we can help.
Note: Package price is indicative only for basic services and subject to confirmation based on service date, circumstances, upgrades and added features and services, and the need to meet Covid-19 restrictions and visa requirements. etc.
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