Report on CanChamís Member Meeting of 28.07.2021

The memberís meeting was called to discuss the CanChamís program for the next year, and to identify what is important to members and to understand their expectations of the CanCham. The meeting was held in ZOOM format to permit attendance of members who do not live in Riga and to include DMCís in other countries.

The overall conclusions were that:

  • most of the initiatives undertaken during the last year should be continued,
  • we should focus on specific objectives,
  • in-person meetings must take place,
  • general member inactivity is limiting the development of business opportunities for all.


  • ZOOM meetings in last yearís format will be discontinued.
  • project focused activity will be adopted. These will be headed by Project Managers (PM).

Detailed actions:

  1. Projects:
    1. Trade Facilitation & Export: PM Ilze DÁrupa. The project is divided into the following phases:
      1. Promotion of the DMC system for trade facilitation between Canada and Latvia with the involvement of LIAA (the Latvian Investment & Development Agency), the Canadian and Latvian Embassies.
      2. Promotion of specific trade facilitation projects directed at Canada and Northern Europe with the emphasis on establishing strategic partnerships between companies.
    2. Medical Tourism: PM Una BrŻna. The objective is to offer medical services between Latvia and Canada and other countries.
    3. Sports Tourism: PM Normunds Kupcis. The objective is to promote sports team visits between Latvia and Canada and other countries.
  2. Survey: Evija Baula and Bennjamyn Ramon Smith will be preparing a survey in order to determine member needs and expectations, as well as to determine who is prepared to help with the work involved.
  3. Activities to be included in CanChamís program:
    1. Show & Tell events: Although we would prefer to do these as in-person events, the current COVID-19 predictions indicate that this may not be possible. I has been decided that the Trade Facilitation and Export Show & Tell will be a ZOOM event, but we will try to hold others as in-person events if conditions allow. The schedule of events will be published after the AGM on October 4th.  
    2. CanCham Talks: Topics and a schedule of events will be published after the AGM on October 4th
    3. Commercial visits to cities/towns within Latvia with the Canadian Embassy: A Commercial visit to CÁsis is tentatively planned for September 3rd. See - this is a good example of such a visit. We did last year.
    4. Social Media:
      1. Face Book will remain the main medium for contact with members and the general public. is for notices to the general public, while is the group ďMembers and Good Friends. Those who do not have access to the latter just have to request it.
      2. LinkedIn at is for messages to the business community.
      3. and are targeting the general public.
    5. CanCham Web site: Members are encouraged to follow and for CanCham activities, and to check in to make sure their company information is correct.
    6. Advertising Collages: We will be periodically posting advertising collages in both our FB sites. Members are encouraged to participate by sending and advertisement in jpg or png format.
    7. Advertisements: Members are reminded that they can post their own advertisements in the ďMembers and Good Friends group. It is best to create a post with the desired text and pictures in jpg or png format.
  4. Members we reminded that the next Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, October 4th, 2021. The agenda will include the election of five Board members.
Please follow for updates.



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