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This newsletter covers the period between August and November, 2017. It includes the following:
  • September: Connecting Canada and Latvia – meetings in Toronto to start developing strategic partnerships between CanCham members and the Canadian business community. Read more 
  • October: the Annual General Meeting and the election of a new Board. Read more 
  • October: Strategy 2018 – the plan for CanCham’s activities over the next year. Read more 
  • October Seed Forum in Riga (for start-ups). Financing Development. Read more
  • November: Changes to the web site. The section under “Groups”  modified to facilitate the communication of member capabilities. Read more 
  • November: Expert Seminar – a review of changes to tax laws and regulation for 2018. Read more 
  • November: Financing Development with Altum – addressing members’ financial requirements. Read more


Welcome one and all!

12.11.2017 JLB Consulting joins the CanCham as a Business member.
09.10.2017 FF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS joins the CanCham as a Corporate member. Read more

04.10.2017 Andrejs Đíesters joins the CanCham as an Associate member. 

02.10.2017 Milad Asdaghi joins the CanCham as an Individual member. 

27.09.2017 VPH (Venturecorp Property Holdings Limited) joins the CanCham as a Corporate member.
04.09.2017 All Logo Chocolate (Luxus Chocolate) joins the CanCham as a Business member.  
01.09.2017 MON Projekts joins the CanCham as a Corporate member.
11.08.2017 Alma family doctor's private practice joins the CanCham as a Business member. 

 and Welcome back

01.12.2017 Latvia Dental renews its Business membership.
30.11.2017 SilvEXPO renews its Business membership. 
30.11.2017 Smart Continent LV – Ekoterm renews its Individual membership. 
17.11.2017 VestaFume renews its Business membership.
02.10.2017 Alus Nams (Brâlis Brewery) renews its Corporate membership.
AMBER        02.10.2017 Amber Pool renews its Business
POOL           membership.
02.10.2017 Divine Heat renews its membership and upgrades to Business.
24.08.2017 renews its Corporate membership. 

About our members 

01.11.2017 The CanCham congratulates Kalupe ( on it’s 60th anniversary and its owner, Tâlis Kivlenieks, for keeping up the traditions of creating artistic jewellery utilizing ethnographic folk elements started by his parents in Toronto in 1957.

 You asked us

Question: Why do I not see the logo of my business on the sliding panel of the CanCham web site?

Answer: Only corporate members have their logos on the sliding panel. See the benefits of various membership levels here (

You can learn about products, services and contact information of CanCham members by visiting their SELL SHEETS ( Have you created your own sell sheet yet? If not, fill out this form ASAP!
December 8th, Friday, 18.30 – CanCham Christmas at the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija in support of the Foundation “Nâc lîdzâs!”  Read moreRegister
January 15th,  Monday – 16.00 Partnership for Profit program orientation for members. 
January 24th, Wednesday, 19.00 – Joint Chamber Dinner with Prime Minister Mâris Kučinskis
February 5th, Monday, 18.30 – Business after hours at Tele2 
March 29th to Sunday, April 8th 2018: Canadian business mission from Canada to meet with CanCham members. 
Read more
February 19th, Monday, 18.30 – CanCham Focus Group Event
March 12th, Monday, 18.30 – CanCham Focus Group Event
Thursday, March 29th to Sunday, April 8th 2018: Canadian business mission from Canada (Toronto/Montreal) to visit the CanCham and potential partners in Latvia. 
April 3rd, Tuesday, 18.30 Welcome to Latvia - Canadian mission delegates meet the members.
May 7th, Monday, 18.30 - CanCham Focus Group Event
May 21st, Monday – 16.00 Partnership for Profit program orientation for members.
June 4th, Monday – 18.30 - Canadian Embassy Event - Meet the Ambassador .
June 15th,  Friday, 15.00 – Celebrating Latvia – a warm up to “Jâňi” with a plant tour of the Brâlis Brewery.
July 1st, Sunday, 14.00 – Canada Day
August 6th, Monday, 18.30 CanCham Focus Group Event
October 2nd, Monday, 18.30 - The CanCham’s Annual General Meeting

October 9th, Monday, 18.30 – Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.

Please note that dates are tentative until events are publicized, and may be subject to change. See and for updated information.

 Past events

14.11.2017 Report on Expert Seminar on Accounting with R Birojs on “the new (2018) tax law and its implications on business". Read more
10.11.2017 Report on the on the meeting between Altum and Cancham on Financing Development. Read more
11.10.2017 Report on CanCham’s Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner. Read more
03.10.2017 Report on CanCham’s AGM. Read more
09.09.2017 Report on Business after hours with Circle K Latvia at the Circle K Business Center issued. Read more

 Representing the CanCham

23.11.2017 Report on the occasion of the National Day of Romania.Read more
09.11.2017 Report on Riga Comm 2017, opening ceremony at the Taiwan booth. Read more
25.10.2017 Report on the October Seed Forum in Riga (for start-ups). Read more
06.10.2017 Report on the occasion of the 106th ROC National Day celebrations. Read more
15.09.2017 Inta Cinîte representing CanCham attends the reception in honour of the visit of the Honourable George J. Furey Q.C., Speaker of the Senate, and a Parliamentary Delegation to Latvia. Read more