Report on Business after hours with Circle K Latvia at the Circle K Business Center, on Tuesday, September 5th

60 members of the Canadian and Norwegian Chambers of Commerce attended the Circle K business after hours presentation at the Circle K Business Center in Riga with Gunta Jškabsone, Business Unit Head, Kristine Lazdina, Marketing and Communications Manager and Jørgen Lislerud, the Norwegian Managing Director of the Business Centre.

Interesting information was shared on the successful rebranding process from Statoil to Circle K, involving more than just changing hundreds of old Statoil signs. One of the key success factors is the early involvement of all employees, training them to sell the rebranding story to their customers. The Business Centre is the largest in all of the Group, with 500 employees in Riga and about 100 working with IT in Poland.

Jørgen Lislerud spoke on topics such as Robotics, Human Resources Management and how to enthuse staff and the potential powers that lay slumbering in an organisation and if channelled smartly, could unleash energy that helps make changes to an organisation and allow for swift changes in and reactions to the market. We saw how well thought through this process has been, as has been the utilization of robots to make life easier, and allow the more boring the tasks to be left aside to allow the human brain and tissue to come in where it matters. IMPRESSIVE! Bye, bye Statoil – welcome Circle K.

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