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Registration Nr. 40103291194 (Latvia)
Raimonds Jaunzems 
Alberta str. 12-2,
Riga, LV – 1010, Latvia 
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Mob. +371 29249694
Tel. +371 67686290
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Date/Place Business Established:
12.05.2010. Rîga, Latvia
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Food supplements,
Medical devices

Products and Services provided by Silv EXPO from its Riga, Latvia facility.

Management:  Raimonds Jaunzems is Silv EXPO’s sales executive worldwide with a vast experience in the nutrition and pharmaceutical segment.
"Silv EXPO" develops, examines, produces and commercialises a new generation of natural active ingredients with health benefits aimed at the nutraceutical markets.  Innovation and renewable forest resources' optimization are the key driving force for the future growth and forms a vital part of "Silv EXPO's" and "Biolat's" strategy.

  1. Development of new product compositions
  2. Scientific research studies
  3. Pharmacoeconomic studies
  4. Product registration
  5. Preclinical studies

  1. Kardiopren” caps contain needle polyprenols, coenzyme Q10 and linseed oi. This complex of active substances reduces statin-induced adverse effects, as well as improves the functionality of myocardium and muscle cells.  
  2. Alergosil” caps contain bioavailable turmeric extract, Japanese sophora extract and vitamin D3. Product has the ability to reduce symptoms of allergic rhinitis and does not cause drowsiness or other side effects.  
  3. Silbiosept” lozenges contain combinations acquired from natural substances – Silbiol® of coniferous trees and sea buckthorn oil, propolis, cranberries, and Echinacea. The product is intended for use in the case of influenza or in the season of colds to improve immunity.
  4. SuperCell HEPA” caps contain coniferous polyprenols and plant origin phospholipid mixture. These are substances that participate in metabolic processes in the liver and are able to maintain liver health and regeneration of cells. The innovative form – liposomes improves the absorption the valuable substances in human organism.
  5. ImunoSwiss: Combination of Beta-Glucan and Vitamin C stabilizes and modifies adequate immune system response. ImunoSwiss syrup is available with the following additive active substances: elderberry (Sambucus) extract, Curcumin, Aloe vera extract, Ginger, Plantago lanceolata (ribwort plantain) extract.
  6. CalciumSwiss: Food supplement (Liquid 100ml) syrup contains calcium and other vitamins & minerals which help calcium absorb into the body. You can be sure your child is getting everything they need from one tablespoon of syrup a day. Suitable for children (3+ years).
  7. FaringoSpray: Medical device (Spray 30ml), moisturizing spray for mouth and throat muscosal moisture retention in case of throat pain and hoarseness or in case of mouth and throat muscosal irritation caused by a dry cough and hoarseness.
  8. Rinosil sensitive: Medical device (Spray 20ml) - seawater nasal spray with dexpanthenol and special hyaluronic acid. Moisturizes and cleans nasal mucus and restores sensitive mucous membrane.
  9. Spruce needle essential oil: 100% pure Picea abies essential oil for aroma therapy (Liquid 10ml).


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