Report on Celebrating Latvia – a warm up to “Jāņi” with a plant tour of the Brālis Brewery

CanCham’s members and friends started their warm up to “Jāņi” with a plant tour of the Brālis Brewery on Friday, June 16th, 2017. The occasion also marked the 15th anniversary of the brewery itself.
As reported by our Business Develoment Director, Henrik Mjoman - “It went off well. The best was the sun and the cold beer, but people were smiling, friendly, pleasant, relaxed and open to communicate BUSINESS. And we did. There was business going down - projects seeing new daylight, potential members joining and BRALIS beer to be sampled. I loved the way the beer was served - in large laboratory-type - triangular containers for Chemistry class usage! DARK beer and BLOND - non-filtered... and the classic trimmings of a Latvian table at Ligo that captured the moment well – thank you Indra Sproge-Kalvina and Daiga Stendenberga! And a large applause to our large Norwegian contingent where one held an excellent speech in honour of the Chamber, and the other surprised us by singing in French. It lifted the event, made friendly and more personal - but also the comment that as members we need see the potential in collaborating more.”
Thank you Uldis Muiznieks, the Managing Director of the Brālis Brewery, for the tour and the opportunity, and to all the that made this a great day.
It looks like this was the first annual CanCham warm up to “Jāņi” event at the Brālis Brewery.
Please follow for updates.