This was another successful and enlightening event - the CanCham “Development Opportunities and Business Environment in Riga” at the Grand Palace Hotel on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 at 18.30.

Gvido Princis the Director / Riga City Architect at Office of The Riga City Architect described the architectural development and the influences of different invaders on the development of architecture to the present day and its multicultural character. He then described where major developments are taking place and some of the challenges presented for infrastructure development, as well as the effect of population fluctuations over time. He emphasized that the best development projects are based on deep understanding of Riga’s social and physical characteristics, and how the Municipality of Riga has developed instruments to secure these values and increase the quality of development projects. The city also works closely with industry and universities. New projects such as the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Acoustic Concert Hall and Conference Center, and the Rail Baltica central station were mentioned as providing opportunities for local and foreign businesses to get involved.

Jânis Prûsis the  Head Of Investment Division of the Riga City Development Department outlined some of the benefits of developing projects and doing business in Riga, and programs available for start-ups, investment attraction programs and the factors making business competitive in Riga. He introduced the CanCham to the grant program “Kick-off”, Small Business days, and Business Express. New projects such as the Creative Business Incubator were introduced. Exhibitions such as TECH INDUSTRY and MIPIM were discussed, and the Investment Directory mentioned. Clearly opportunities are available in Riga. The CanCham will be following up on these.

Ed Kalvins announced the following:

  • Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA)
    • 200 corporations and individuals
    • seven chapters located in Moscow, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary Vancouver and Almaty
    • Last week agreed on coopertaion on the following issues:
      • CanCham, through its members, is to support Canadian companies on an as-needed basis for activities they wish to undertake in this region.
      • Cooperation possibilities for CanCham members in Central Asia.
      • Acquiring Strategic Partners with CERBA’s help,
      • Involvement with Investment projects,
      • Helping CanCham members who wish to do business in Canada.

The processes for these activities will be developed in the coming weeks.

  • We anticipate a new Latvian Ambassador to Canada – Karlis Eihenbaums and are trying to organize an event with outgoing Ambassador Juris Audariòð and incoming Ambassador Karlis Eihenbaums. Mr Audariòð experience in Canada is particularly useful and we hope he will share his experiences, while we will have the opportunity to work with Mr Eihenbaums to make things happen.
  • Baltija Helikopters opened the first Helicopter terminal in Riga last week which gives the opportunity to visit anywhere in the Baltics in an efficient manner from the centre of Riga.
  • We congratulated Arvids Godjuks of ARETO Development on his 30th birthday, and for spending it with us.  
  • Henrik Mjoman of Prime Recruitment is looking for candidates for job openings 
  • July 1st, Friday, 18.30 – 21.00. Canada Day, Grand Palace Hotel,
  • July 19th, Tuesday - Partnering for Profit program, Pullman Riga Old Town Theme: “Getting the message out”. Presentation and panel discussions focusing on advertising and promotion. (Arrangements to be confirmed.)
  • July 21st, Thursday, – Partnership for Profit program orientation for members,.
  • August 10th, Wednesday – Launch of the Governance Program,


Please follow for updates.