Annual General Meeting

The CanCham Annual General Meeting resulted in the baton of Chairmanship being passed on to Ed Kalvins. Members of the Board (Directors) include Valters Kronbergs, Irena Cirule, Indra Sproģe-Kalviņa and Sam Davidovich. The Audit Committee is made up of Henrik Mjoman, Harijs Ozols and Juris Paegle.
Ed takes over the chairmanship of the CanCham (former CLBA) for the third time since the organization was established in 1999, having served as Vice-President last year. Valters has served three years in the President’s position, but will continue to contribute as Vice-President after organizing numerous prestigious events in the past years. Irena will continue to represent the Canadian Embassy and Indra will deal with administrative and financial issues.
We welcome Sam Davidovich back to the Board. Sam is located in Canada and will represent the CanCham in Canada. Henrik Mjoman, a former Board member, returns to active duty as part of the management group and member of the Audit Committee. We say a hearty thank you to Harijs Ozols who is leaving the Board for the first time since the organization was founded. Harij too, has served time as President, but has been allowed time off as he has moved to Spain for a year. However, the internet still allows for participations, and Harij continues to maintain the web site and work with the audit group.


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