30.03.2024 The CanCham Update for March, 2024

Dear CanCham Members and Friends, 

The new Board announced in the February update is working hard.

CanCham’s web site has been modernized and we encourage you to have a look at the re-design.

CanCham has provided a program for the development of commercial activities between Canada and Latvia in close cooperation with the Canadian Embassy in Latvia. The main responsibility of CanCham is to arrange Business Focused Networking Events in Latvia which will include:

  • “Show & Tell” presentations providing members with the opportunity to present their businesses to others,
  • Seminars and “CanCham Talks” providing information sharing opportunities for relevant issues,
  • “CanCham Corner” informal get-togethers just to relax and chat, enjoy good food and strengthen relationships with business partners,
  • Core events such as celebrating Canada Day, the Canadian Thanksgiving and CanCham Christmas,
  • Events with visitors from Canada or local specialists.

Most events are open to the public. Especially welcomed will be members of the ever-increasing Task Force Latvia contingent of the Canadian Armed Forces who may find particular events interesting and perhaps entertaining, and meet representatives of the local Canadian and Latvian business community. For the most recent listing of planned events please see CanCham Upcoming Events as of March 20th, 2024.

CanCham’s “Visit Latvia” Program is an important feature of our activities. CanCham promotes visiting Latvia as a destination through its “Visit Latvia” program:

  • for those looking for professional services in Latvia or
  • for those requiring market entry support to Latvia, and
  • can apply to Latvians seeking the same in Canada.

Activities are related to:

  • business and trade development,
  • medical or medical tourism services or
  • sports (hockey, football, curling, etc.) or leisure tourism for groups.

The CanCham offers:

  • programs to meet individual needs, or
  • package programs which include defined services and can include transportation from the point of entry, accommodation, tours and entertainment, and the services of a local contact person.

CanCham can help by assigning a person who provides DMC services most closely matching the requirement. A DMC (destination management coordinator) is an individual or professional services company with local knowledge, expertise, and resources, that organizes and implements events, activities, tours, transportation, and program logistics – in other words, someone who can help in an unfamiliar,  foreign environment. CanCham’s members or partners may be able to add to and/or simplify a Latvian or Canadian experience.

If you, or someone you know is interested in either Latvia or Canada as previously explained, please follow the link to information request, and we will contact you to discuss what we can do for you.

Ed Kalvins,
Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia


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