CanCham special breakfast event with Lars Kolind
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Friday, May 13, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has the unique opportunity to host a breakfast with Mr. Lars Kolind with a small group of members.
The venue is still in the works, but time is 8:00 - 9:30 on Friday, May 13.
Cost is a very affordable Ls 20, which includes breakfast. Proceeds from this event will be donated to European Friends of Scouting, of which Mr. Kolind is an avid supporter.
Since this is a small event, limited to 10 people, please RSVP as soon as possible, to ensure a seat at this event. First come, first registered.
Below, please read more background information about Lars Kolind and the workshop on May 12.
United States Secretary of State, General Colin Powell said of Lars Kolind

"When everyone's mind is dulled or distracted leaders must be doubly vigilant ...
That is why they continually encourage people to challenge the process . . .
CEO-leaders like Quad/Graphic's Harry Quadracchi, Oticon's Lars Kolind and the
late Bill McGowan of MCI, all independently asserted that the job of a leader is not
to be the chief organizer, but the chief dis-organizer."  source:

In the half-day program on May 12, Lars will detail how he successfully completed one of the most innovative and studied turnarounds and transformations of a manufacturing company ever. His story has been highlighted in dozens of management books and cases across the world.

Lars main message is this.

"At Oticon we created a great success story with some very innovative solutions. There were no secret formulas; just hard work and some novel approaches to running a business. If we could do it, anybody can do it!"

He will support this message by sharing his business model and the many tools he used to make his change work, and work dramatically.

Management Guru Tom Peters has written extensively of the Kolind experience, for example:
"What Kolind did at Oticon goes miles beyond decentralization. . . Kolind has put the hinterlands in charge and told them to create, organize, reorganize, and run their own show, and to stunning affect." source: Liberation Management, Tom Peters

This will be a great event providing lots of practical tools and help for making significant improvements in your business.
Don't Miss This Opportunity!

When: May 12, 9.00-13.00
Where: RBS, room 108
Cost: 110 Ls plus VAT and includes a mini-lunch (a truly great value!)



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