CanCham visits Technology Park
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On Thursday, June 2, we will be visiting the Latvian Association of Technology Parks, Centres and Business Incubators at the Latvian Technological Center right here in Riga. Hosting our visit will be the Director, Dr. Janis Stabulnieks.
The main targets of the Association are:
  •     To fill the gap between institutions of higher education and research and industry;
  •     To promote foundation of small and medium sized enterprises for production of knowledge-based and high-tech products;
  •     To create contacts between industry and research laboratories;
  •     To promote international economic and scientific collaboration for development of competitive products;
  •     To create jobs for highly-qualified craftsmen and researchers;
  •     To promote the formation of society open to innovation.
We will begin our visit at 15:00 and end around 17:00.
The Technological Centre is located at:

21 Aizkraukles Str. Riga, LV-1006 Latvia
Ph: +371 67558771  Fax: +371 67541218

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