Report on Health & Leisure Group Committee Meeting

The Health & Leisure Group ( Committee Meeting took place on Monday, August 5th, 2019 at 18.30 at the Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel and was chaired by Una Brna of the Latvian American Eye Centre.

Objectives of the group were identified as being:

  • to promote the business interests of the Health & Leisure Group members,
  • develop medical tourism,
  • develop a working relationship with other CanCham members who can provide support for Health & Leisure Group members (eg. Business Support, Trade Facilitation, Construction Services and Knowledge Services group members).

A formal committee was established which includes those group members wishing to contribute to the development of the objectives and willing to participate on the committee, and prepared to meet once a month to make things happen. Those wishing to participate in the committee are asked to contact Una Brna or contact the Board. Information about committee participants is to be added to the group page. Work Place will be used as the main communication tool.

Marketing efforts are to be focused on foreign embassies in Riga, larger foreign firms in the Baltics, International insurance companies, and Canadian health care associations & institutions. DMCs are to be engaged in group activities and Latvian Ex-pat communities in Canada and internationally are to be approached. The main tools for communication will be social media where we will need to seek professional help, and company web sites where we will discuss possibilities of including CanCham information / links to the services of the group.

In time, we will identify a sales coordinator who should come from the CanCham membership, and establish a sales organization.

The following Events and Activities are being planned:

  • Social events bi-weekly, informal get togethers to start on August 22nd at 18.30 (check CanCham events page for details or changes). Group meetings could take place every month at 17.30 before the social event. Dates to be identified in the CanCham events calendar.
  • Business after hours: a bus tour visiting various service providing members and ending up at one members facility for a reception tentatively set for Thursday, November 7th. 
  • CanCham focus event annually for the medical / leisure group. To be organized by the Board with Health & Leisure Group participation.
  • Other items under consideration include participation at shows and exhibitions, and discussions on improving the business environment  through legislation, LIAA, etc.).

A budget will need to be established identifying marketing and promotional costs, with sources of funding under consideration to include member (and friend) donations / sponsorship, LIAA, payment for services and participation fees.

The full meeting report is available in the Work Place page.



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