Report on CanChamís Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner

About 40 members and friends attended CanCham’s Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner at the Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel, Elizabetes iela 73, Restaurant C.U.T. where we were delighted to be served a traditional turkey (legs and all) complete with stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, veggies, etc. Compliments to the chef for preparing everything in such a traditional and tasty manner giving the evening an exquisite touch, and thanks to Valentina Lazovska’s Eco farm for the domestic, home grown turkeys. A job well done by all concerned.

Our guest speaker, Col Josh Major, MSM, CD, Commander, Task Force Latvia, Canadian Armed Forces provided a great and positive presentation about the presence of Canadian troops and how they interact, reach out and assist locally wherever they are located. Several officers from the Canadian Armed Forces were present, enriching the event and serving as a reminder that the presence of Canadian forces is the best thing that has happened to Latvia in a long time. The CanCham looks forward to getting to know them better and enriching their deployment in Latvia with numerous activities in the near future.

If there was one shortcoming – the Chairman forgot to explain why the Canadian Thanksgiving occurs before the American one. Oh well – next year.

The elegance of the surroundings created cosiness, intimacy and positive emotions. A good night was had by all.

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