Report on CanCham Talks - “Canada-Latvia Trade – what you need to know”

The CanCham launched a new and informative initiative – CanCham Talks – Connecting people and ideas with its Trade Facilitation & Export group’s CanCham Talks evening titled “Canada-Latvia Trade – what you need to know” on May 12th, 2021 at 18:30 using ZOOM tele-conferencing. 

We thank the Canadian Embassy in Latvia for their sponsorship in this event.

In this event, we learned how CanCham can help with trade and export, unexplored benefits of the CETA agreement for SME’s, and supporting tools available from the Latvian Development Agency, the Embassies and the CanCham towards the success of international trade.

The event was moderated by Evija Baula, Export and Marketing Advisor in Canada, “LATVIA-CAN”. Panelists included 
  • Ilze Dçrupa, the Head of Trade Facilitation & Export group and Ed Kalvins, the President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia on the role of the CanCham in Trade Facilitation initiatives.
  • Julie Allen, Executive Director of Netherlands-Canada Chamber of Commerce on CETA benefits for SME’s.
  • Jude Pecora, Head of Commercial Relations-Senior Trade Commissioner and Irena Cîrule, Commercial Officer, the Embassy of Canada on the Commercial Relations between Baltics from Canada perspective
  • Kaspars Roþkalns, Director of Latvia Investment and Development Agency on an update on LIAA support
  • Inga Skrûzmane, the Counsellor at the Latvian Embassy on the Embassy's business support in Canada and 
  • Ed Kalvins on how can CanCham help you here and there, and an explanation of the DMC system.

A video of the event can be seen at and presentations at

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