Report on CanCham PfP Work Group Meetings

The CanCham held its first Partnering for Profit work group meetings on Monday, March 6th, 2017 at Sigh’s Indian Restaurant & Bar, Ģertrūdes iela 32, The second floor of the establishment provides excellent meeting room facilities for three separate groups separated by partitions that can be opened up to combine the rooms. Just outside the rooms is a bar that services attendees with food and drink. An exceptional arrangement!

31 CanCham members attended the meetings to discuss partnering strategies with Canadian entrepreneurs, how to approach the Canadian market, participation in trade shows in Canada or locally, presentations to business groups offering CanCham member services, the promotion of CanCham locally, in Canada and internationally and welcoming visitors, especially the NATO troops, to Latvia.

Participants were divided into three groups.  Business Support was chaired by Inta Cinīte, Medical Services & Medical Tourism was chaired by Kintija Barloti and included the Business Promotion (Jan Welitz) and Business Travel, Tourism & Recreation (Karina Krivorota) and Construction Related Services chaired by Ivonna Bradley. Minutes of these meetings will be available shortly to members. The Export group (Eriks Seminovs) will meet at a later date. 

We note that EU and Canadian parliaments have passed CETA and that it is expected to be provisionally implemented in April. We also are very much aware of the arrival of Canadian NATO personnel, most of which are expected by June, 2017. The CanCham is now organizing its members to take advantage of CETA and other international opportunities that keep presenting themselves, as well as to position themselves to serve the local market.

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