Notice to Members

The CanCham Board has seen the interest in CanCham activities decreasing for some time now. We reviewed what we do and related circumstances in a major strategy review, considered improvements and changes, and developed a plan on how to better promote the interests of our members.

The AGM of October 1st last year had resulted in no quorum nor candidates to elect a new board and audit committee. It was decided to put the issue of CanCham's existence / liquidation on the agenda at an Extraordinary Member’s Meetings of the CanCham on October 31st. In this meeting we did have a quorum, and members voted in favor of dissolving the chamber. Detailed information can be found in the member section of the CanCham web site. The reasons for the decision were the conclusions of the strategy work group and the CanCham’s financial position. We will complete the liquidation process early this year.

In considering the interests of CanCham members, the strategy group put forward a proposal to found an alternative organization, the "Northern European Business Association" (, which would be more in line with the business interests of our members, offer an expanded area of operation centred on Northern Europe, and capitalize on our network in this region. But it would also facilitate our working with other countries of the world, not only Canada. Cooperation with Canada and the Canadian Embassy has already been discussed within the framework of the new organization, and we wish to continue to build on our Canadian network, but we are now reaching out to other partners internationally in order to provide added opportunities for our members.

CanCham members are invited to join/register with the "Northern European Business Association". They will maintain their CanCham current member status and membership fee payment history, i.e., a CanCham member in good standing does not have to pay anything to join NEBA. We invite members to register at and let's continue working together.

If you have any questions, please contact Una Bruna or me.

Ed Kalvins,
On behalf of the CanCham Board