33 attendees participated in the CanCham Business Development Forum - Partnering for Profit program about Creating Visibility at the Mercure Hotel on Thursday, May 26th, 2016 at 18.30.

Mikus Narvils, European Market Manager for STENDERS represents a cosmetic company founded in Riga 2001 which has grown its market not only in Latvia but world-wide, and is an inspiration to all Latvian entrepreneurs and manufacturers. Mikus explain how this development took place. STENDERS now has over 163 stores in 19 countries. An important element of the discussion centered around of the standardization of shop design, and the importance of partner selection in foreign countries. Perhaps the CanCham will be able to be a part of STENDERS expansion into Canada.

Irena Cirule, Commercial Officer, Canadian Embassy in Latvia is an invaluable contact for connections to Canada, whether it be to acquire Canadian equipment or products, or to participate in programs organized by the Canadian Embassy. Irena explain her areas of involvement and how to connect to Canada and the significance of the impending CETA agreement which will help small and medium businesses develop between the EU and Canada.

Anita Zorgenfreija - Consultant and project manager with expertise in client oriented services and customer research. Anita has broad experience working in SMEs, the multicultural corporate world and the public sector. Anita shared some useful “tips & tricks” on how to present ideas to investors and strategic partners or deliver information to customers. Attention was also given to issues that can leave bad impressions. The personally and approach of the seller was emphasized, with examples of how sales can be significantly increased with the right approach. The same would apply to acquiring investor interests for investment projects. Clearly a 20 minute presentation does not allow for details, but should have provided the basis for further development.

Henrik Mjoman, General Manager at “Prime Recruitment” SIA, Although Henrik’s business is recruitment, he uses a system for networking that simply has to be (and isn’t) followed by most entrepreneurs. Henrik explained his methods, why they work, and what happens when you don’t use them. There are man ways that networking can be done, but he advised that business people should 1) understand the business potential in the networking target, 2) ensure you get to know as many people as possible and find out what their needs are and 3) follow up by arranging meetings or sending e-mails to develop the contact.

Thanks go to all the panellists sharing their experiences. Let’s build on this. for participating. 

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The following special guests were introduced:

We also mentioned that working relationships were being set up with:

  • Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA)
    • 200 corporations and individuals
    • seven chapters located in Moscow, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary Vancouver and Almaty
  • Taiwan through the Taipei Mission in Riga, where some Cancham members attended the inauguration celebration of the Republic of China’s new President Tsai Ing-wen. Mission personnel including H.E, Ambassador Ko have also participated in CanCham events.

Ed Kalvins announced the following upcoming events:

  • June 9th, Thursday, – Partnership for Profit program orientation for members,.
  • June 15th, Wednesday - Rîgas Dome - Development Opportunities and Environment in Riga
  • July 1st, Friday, 18.30 – 21.00. Canada Day, Grand Palace Hotel,
  • July 19th, Tuesday - Partnering for Profit program, Pullman Riga Old Town  Theme: “Getting the message out”. Presentation and panel discussions focusing on advertising and promotion. (Arrangements to be confirmed.)
  • August 10th, Wednesday – Launch of the Governance Program,


Please follow for updates.


 Upcoming events

Monday, May 27th, 2024 at 18.30 - CanCham Restart Reception (by invitation)

Monday June 3rd, 2024 18.30 – Defence and Latvia’s Defense Strategy panel discussion
with special guests.
Details coming shortly.
Friday, June 7th, 2024 8.30 – Business networking breakfast with Melanie Raymond, Director of the Investment Analysis, Chief economist office, Global Affairs Canada 
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