Commercial visit to Cēsis with the Canadian Embassy in Latvia and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia on Friday, September 3rd, 2021

Dear CanCham Members and Friends,

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia in cooperation with the Canadian Embassy in Latvia is pleased to invite you to a commercial visit to Cēsis on Friday, September 3rd, 2021. The program will include a meeting with municipal leaders at the Cēsis Municipal Council (Dome) followed by visits to local companies. Please see the draft program below, which may be subject to change.

The objective is to develop strategic partnerships between Latvian and Canadian companies to develop commercial opportunities.

We have been advised that current COVID-19 regulations require a valid covid certificate for indoor events, and that persons not having this certificate must wear a mask. We will update requirements as they become known to us, or as they change.

Lunch and refreshments included.

Date:Friday, September 3rd, 2021
Time:Leaving Riga at 7.30
Register: please register here
€25.00 for members, others pay €35.00. 
To join as a member, use the following link:
Depart Riga
Arrive Cēsis at the Cēsis Concert Hall, Raunas iela 12.
Meeting with members of the Cēsis municipal council with
  • Welcome by Mr. Atis Egliņs-Eglītis, Deputy Mayor of Cesis
  • Presentation of Cesis Municipality
  • Presentation of the Embassy of Canada to Latvia
  • Presentation of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
Lode (bricks, cement blocks)
    Lodes iela 1, Liepa, Liepas pagasts, Cēsu nov., LV-4128
Lunch at the restaurant “Alexis”, Hotel Kolonna Cesis,
    Vienības laukums 1, Cēsis
SIA "Gaižēni" - Livlande Agro,
    Valmieras ielā 17, Cēsīs 
Visit to Institute for Environmental Solutions, “Lidlauks”, Priekuļi parish
    „Lidlauks”, Priekuļu parish, Priekuļu county, LV-4126
EKJU (wooden furniture)
    Cecīļu iela 12, Ieriķi, Cēsu novads, Latvija, LV-4139
Dores (wooden houses, roofing materials)
    Dārdu iela 7, Ieriķi, Amatas novads, LV-4139, Latvija
Networking at Ozolaine, Augšlīgatnē (Elmārs Tannis place) if weather permits
Depart for Riga
Arrive Riga
Please visit:
Yours Sincerely,
Ed Kalvins, Chairman 
We encourage early registration. Advance payment is required to reserve meal and refreshment arrangements. Preference will be given to paid guests. Unpaid registrations may be cancelled if they cannot be accommodated. (CanCham reserves the right to charge registered persons who do not cancel their reservations by Wednesday, September 1st, 2021  at 17.00)

In order to conform to new privacy laws, attendees are advised that all proceedings during an event could be photographed, and that these photographs could be placed in public view in social media sites or web sites accessible to the public as reports of these events. Should attendees not wish their photo to appear in the public space, please advise the organizers accordingly in the notes section of the registration form.



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