CanCham Medical Insurance Offer for June 15th, 2019

Dear CanCham Members,

This offer applies to CanCham members who require medical insurance or who wish to change their current provider. Normally, medical insurance is only available to companies and organizations that meet a minimal employee or member count. Individuals and/or small business not associated with a larger organization normally are not eligible.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia is pleased to offer the opportunity for its members to participate in a group insurance plan for medical insurance. We have made such arrangements with a provider.

The insurance can include:

  • dental care if desired (optional)
  • family members

The following conditions apply:

  • you must be a member in good standing of the CanCham,
  • the effective date will be June 15th, 2019,
  • you will not be able to join the plan after June 15th until next year.
  • a minimum number of CanCham members must participate

If you are interested in receiving more information, please fill out the form at



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