CanCham Annual Meeting

Dear CanCham members,

We would like to invite you to the upcoming CanCham Annual Meeting. If you have not yet registered for the AGM, please do so now at Documentation about the meeting was sent to you by e-mail. If you did not receive it, please inform the CanCham by writing to

Place:                     Riga Business School, 11 Skolas iela
Date:                      October 3rd, Monday,
Time:                      18.30
Cost:                       None
Language:              English
Please register your attendance at here -
  1. Opening: Chairman of the Board, Ed Kalvins
  2. Election of a chairman, secretary and vote counters (2) for the annual meeting
  3. Approval of the agenda
  4. Annual Report - additional
  5. Audit Committee Report - additional
  6. Discussions/Questions regarding reports
  7. Statute changes
  8. Election of the President / Chairman of the Board of Directors
  9. Election of the Board (4 members)
  10. Election of the Audit Committee (3 members)
  11. Budget proposal for the upcoming year / membership fees
  12. Future Events
  13. Other Items
  14. Adjournment
Proxy: If you cannot attend the Annual Meeting but are a member in good standing (ie you have paid your dues), simply inform the General Meeting in writing of who you have given your proxy to, or fill in the form
Membership: Voting privileges are available to members in good standing, this is, those who have paid their membership fees.
Ed Kalvins