Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia

CanCham’s Destination Management Coordination (DMC) System  
1) Forward

You are an individual or company (Client) who wishes to do business in another country.
You need a representative who will complete assignments for you in the market you wish to enter.
This representative will work on your behalf. You could consider this person as a part time employee.

This representative will have a better understanding of the market you wish to enter, and will, in most situations, be physically located in that region, or at least be connected to it through work experience or a personal network. This person will save you travel costs and reduce your learning curve time for entering this market.

Services that could be provided include:

  • Finding and/or supervising partners
  • Making meeting, travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Providing sales and marketing support
  • Providing technical and engineering support
  • Participating in or handling negotiations
  • Preparing business and development plans
  • Project management
  • Providing or arranging accounting and office management services
  • Providing or arranging office space
  • Dealing with government agencies
  • Assisting with finding real estate
  • Assisting with investors
  • Handling contracts and legal issues
  • Dealing with new company registrations
  • Representing the Client in his absence

2) Objective

The CanCham DMC system is available to create business opportunities in
  • Latvia, Northern Europe and the EU
  • Canada and the United States of America
  • in other regions where CanCham members are active, currently including Central Asia, Ukraine, Belarus, India, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom
3) Basic Principles

We recognize that entering a new market can be costly and sometimes ineffective. Having a good partner in a target country is the key to success.

We also recognize that no-one wants to give away their expertise for free. The aim is to pay as little as possible, but maximize the result.

The (DMC) System process has been proven to work, is effective, reduces costs and risks and is used by the CanCham to develop strategic partnerships internationally. 

4) The Process for the Client

  1. Contact or any CanCham Team member about your interest in a particular market.
  2. A CanCham authorized representative will contact you and explain the DMC system to you, and how it works.
  3. The Cancham Board will assign a DMC coordinator (DMCC) to help you with your project.
  4. The DMCC will help you prepare a description of your objectives and what you want to accomplish (ie. develop imports or exports, invest, provide services, establish an office, find a strategic partner, build a plant or other building, etc.).
  5. The DMCC will prepare a proposal for you based on your objectives which will be the basis of an agreement between yourself and the DMCC who will be the contracting party.
  6. As part of the agreement, the DMCC will help select DMC candidates or others (consultants, associations or other professionals) who may be able to help you meet your objectives.
  7. You will develop an action plan together with the DMCC who will continue to provide you with assistance as long as you feel it is required.
  8. The DMCC will contact other DMCs or others to determine if they can help you with your objectives based on the information you provide and will present those that agree to work with you for your consideration. You will be informed of everyone who is contacted.
  9. You will be asked to select one or more of the DMC’s or others to work with.
  10. We suggest that each DMC be asked to prepare a short, one page report as to how your requirement can be met in their market and your possibilities for success, and what they think they can do to help. This will be based on their experience and will likely not include any research. The cost could be €100.00 (not including applicable taxes) paid to the DMC for each report.
  11. At this stage, you will have the option to continue work with the DMCC, or select a particular DMC to work with directly. In the latter case, you will need to arrange a separate agreement.
  12. If you wish to work with a DMCC or a particular DMC, it is recommended that your agreement include our standard remuneration arrangement which would apply for two months after the agreement’s effective date, after which the terms of the agreement may be renegotiated to reflect a DMC’s standard commercial rates and conditions, should they differ. The rates are negotiable and may be modified as agreed.
  13. Standard remuneration terms:
    1. €40.00 or $60.00 CAN or equivalent per hour unless otherwise agreed based on submitted time sheets for services provided.
      1. Compensation for direct expenses is extra at cost + a 5% administration charge.
      2. Invoicing may be on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the volume of work.
    2. A €1,000.00 retainer or down payment (or equivalent) paid by the client to the DMCC or DMC before the commencement of services,
    3. Not included in the standard remuneration package are special arrangements made between the DMC and Client for commissions, bonuses or other additional payments that may be agreed.
    4. Local taxes are extra where applicable in all cases.
  14. You should agree on the scope of work with the DMCC or DMC, starting with small assignments for which you will be invoiced as agreed. As long as you keep paying, they will keep working for you.
  15. You can stop any time.
  16. Any unspent down payments paid must be returned to the Client within 5 days of terminating the agreement. 
  17. In the case of dispute between a DMCC or DMC, the CanCham Board may be asked to intervene should the dispute settling mechanism not be included within the agreements.

We will be happy to discuss your specific situation with you, and provide further explanations of how the system works. We normally do this via SKYPE, ZOOM, Messenger or WhatsApp.

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