The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
Board of Directors for 2017/2019


Ed Kalvins


Inta Cinite


Indra Sproģe-Kalviņa
Director, Finance & Administration


Henrik Mjoman
Director, Business Development
General Manager and Owner at “Prime Recruitment” SIA,


Dr. Kintija Barloti
CEO at “Dr. Barloti” SIA, 


Sam Davidovich (ca)
Director – Canada
Owner of Transcontinental Consulting Company  
Embassy Representatives


Irena Cirule
Commercial Officer, Canadian Embassy in Latvia,


Marks Deitons
Commercial Officer, Latvian Embassy in Canada,
The Audit Committee for 2016/2017


Dzintra Renigere
Audit Committee
General Manager and Owner at “R Birojs” SIA,
 Jan Welitz
Audit Committee
Owner, “E-bags” SIA, 


Arvids Godjuks
Audit Committee
Co owner and CFO at “Areto Development” SIA,  
 Business Development Work Groups

Ilvars Pētersons 
Governance Council Chairman

Director at Siemens Osakeyhtio Latvia,


Guna Skangale
Governance Work Group Leader, 


Henrik Mjoman
Business Development Group Chairman
Owner at PRIME Recruitment,


Richard Hunter
Owner at Ozols America



Juris Barkans
Development Project Group Leader
Director at SIA VPH Latvia,

Una Brūna
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Medical Tourism Group Leader
Executive Director at Latvian American Eye Center




Ilze Eisaka
Conferences, Business Travel, Tourism and Recreation Group Leader 
Owner at Luxus Chocolate,


Oskars Dombrava
Business Promotion Group Leader