CanCham Members who work as Sales Representatives
offering Services or Products in Latvia and/or the Baltic region



Retail and non-retail road transportation fuel 
Sterilizers, clean rooms, sawmill equipment. water management
Personal profile analysis,
Seeding, planting and tillage equipment
Multi-functional service and
product provider.

Electrical equipment supply, service, rentals

Ground Screws for foundations
Medical goods, Laboratory equipment, Reagents and Accessories. 
Market entry support to Latvia      


Vision correction medical supplies and equipment



Products from Italy
Ground source heat pumps 
Sale of new Bell helicopters, full technical maintenance, pilot training.
Hockey Equipment Sales 
 Ivonna Bradley   Normunds Medens  
 Real estate services
Paint, plasters, wallpapers
 Real estate services 
Herpes Treatment
Personal Laser treatment 

For further information, feel free to contact the companies directly, or contact for their representative.