Membership Fees:

  • €1,000 ($1,500) Corporate Contributing member for companies advancing CanCham objectives
  • €500 ($750) Senior Corporate 
  • €200 ($300) Corporate 
  • €100 ($150) Small Business, self-employed individuals
  • €50 ($75) Individual for unemployed persons, or for people who work in larger companies but the company is not a CanCham member
  • €10 ($15) Associate for pensioners, students, educational institutions who are not engaged in commercial activities
Payment Details for Payments in Latvia: 
  • Swedbank
  • SWIFT code: HABALV22
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia / Kanâdas Tirdzniecîbas Palâta Latvijâ
  • account nr. LV41HABA0551042837971

Payment Details for Payment in Canada:

  • Cheques to be made out to “Technical Partners International, Inc.” 
  • with designation “Canadian Chamber of Commerce Membership”
  • mailed to Latvian Credit Union Ltd., 4 Credit Union Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4A 2N8
New Members:
Current members:
  • You will be invoiced on your anniversary date.

  • Question: When does my membership come into effect?

Answer: When payment is received.

  • Question: When is the next payment due?

Answer: Membership fees are annual payments. When you join the CanCham, your anniversary date becomes the date your payment was received. To maintain your membership in good standing, you will be expected to pay by your anniversary date. If you upgrade your status, this resets the anniversary date to when we receive payment.

  • Question: What do I get for my membership?

Answer: Please refer to the benefits listed in 

  • Question: What if I want extra services that are not mentioned above?
Answer: These are negotiable with CanCham management and individual members.


  • exchange as of March, 2017:                               $1.00 = €0.7050
  • exchange as of November, 2016:                         $1.00 = €0.6958
  • exchange as of February, 2016:                           $1.00 = €0.6512
  • exchange as of November, 2015:                         $1.00 = €0.6945


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