CanCham Members producing Products or Equipment in Latvia and/or the Baltic region



Innovative waterproofing inspection systems, technology development and roofing materials production

Electrical equipment supply, service, rentals

Printing Services, 
Graphic Design 


 Black currant Biological farming. Production of fresh and frozen berries.
Innovative health care products, food supplements and medical devices,  Cardiovascular health products
Production of solid furniture and supply of tropical timber and other precious wood types 
Frozen Products - 
Bread, Pastries, and Biscuits, 
Curd scones
  Luxus Chocolate     
Production of furniture, railings and products for interior design and
production and installation of gates, rollers shutters and insect screens.
promotional chocolates, gift boxes
personalized chocolate 


Surfaces for kitchens & bathrooms, sinks, bar counters, design elements
Artistic jewellery
utilizing ethnographic folk elements
Riga Candles - High quality candles from palm wax 
Furniture maker and craft works 

For further information, feel free to contact the companies directly, or contact for their representative.