The conference "Quality Assurance in Construction Industry"
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The conference "Quality Assurance in Construction Industry" 

Embassy of Canada is organizing the conference "Quality Assurance in Construction Industry" in Riga on November 20th together with Inspecta, the Ministry of Economics of Latvia, Sustainable Building Council,  Embassy of Poland, and many other sector related associations and stakeholders. The conference is focusing on the effects of the New Legislative Framework in Latvia in construction industry, as the new Construction Law will come into effect on February 1, 2014 in Latvia.
Please see enclosed the final version of this event and you have a special invitation behalf of conference committee.
More information about conference also in English you can find on website
Summary of the conference
• In 2013, after years of intensive work, the Parliament has adopted a new Construction Law laying down the procedure for organization of construction industry activities from February 1, 2014.
• One of the challenges for the new Construction Law is to assure the quality of structures, buildings and construction works in accordance with actual standards.
• During the conference the local and international experts of construction industry will share their experience about quality requirements in the construction industry and legislation therefor.

CanCham members and Embassy of Canada partners and clients are provided with a 10% discount on the entry fee.



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