Report on Health & Leisure Group Committee Meeting 002

The Health & Leisure Group ( Committee Meeting took place on Monday, August 29, 2019 at 17.30 at Singh’ s Restaurant, Ģertrūdes 32, and was chaired by Una Brūna of the Latvian American Eye Centre.

This was a follow-up meeting to on August 5th.

It was decided to assign an assistant to the Group Leader who could help with group organizational issues and stand in for the Group Leader during absences. Candidates are under consideration.

There were presentations from Katrina Kalteniece of Health Care Center 4 about exporting medical services abroad and Elvita Reķēna/Una Brūna of Latvian American Eye Center about the Eye Centre’s experiences in medical tourism.

Discussions  involved the challenges that need to be considered such as malpractice insurance, and  obtaining and keeping statistics.

The idea of a pilot project was presented to start up the working relationship between Latvian Health and Leisure service providers and DMCs in Canada. The aim of the pilot project is to increase the patient flow from Canada to Latvia, and to serve as a model internationally. Budget requirements were set and sources of funding identified. We are now in the process of putting together a sell sheet for the Health and Leisure Group defining services, and an assignment description for the DMC’s. 

The Medical & Leisure Group’s Business After Hours scheduled for November 7th is to be discussed at the next meeting of the Group.

A representative of the European Recreational and Old-timers Hockey Association will attend the Congress of European Sports Doctors in October 2019. Members are encouraged to provide small sized promotional materials be distributed during the event.

Next meeting: Thursday, September 26th, 2019, 1730. Venue TBD. Those interested in participating are welcome to join the effort.

The full meeting report is available in the Work Place page.

Please follow and for updates.