Report on CanCham’s Focus on Construction Related Services

CanCham’s Focus on Construction Related Services took place on Monday, January 21st, 2019 as a working session in the form of a “roundtable” type discussion to discuss a plan to help its members develop business opportunities and effective networking to develop strategic partnerships to supplement each other’s activities, to develop new business leads and to support each other during project implementation. 15 people attended the meeting of which 5 are involved in providing construction related services of 22 members offering same, along with 7 support service providers and 3 guests.

The main issues raised were as follow:

  1. Awareness:
    1. The consensus was that most members do not know what the others do which significantly affects their ability to work together and/or help each other.
    2. The CanCham will be organizing a “Speed Dating” event in March which is intended to help members understand what each does. This is an event at long tables where each person gets 3 minutes to sit opposite another where one minute each is spent on explaining what each does or needs, and one minute for trying to find common ground. Then they move on to the next person.
    3. It was pointed out that information about members can be found in where detailed information in the form of sell sheets is available for each member, and which describes individual sector activity and the members involved, and which lists members and what they are involved in.
  2. DMC
    1. The DMC (Destination Management Coordinator) concept was introduced to this group and was considered to be appropriate for the Construction Related Services Group with the idea that one person or company could coordinate the activities of the others on behalf of the CanCham. This concept has been under development in the Healthcare and Trade Facilitation / Export groups.
    2. A policy and procedure is currently being prepared by the CanCham Board which should help to define how this process should work. This will then be applied to the  Construction Related Services Group in order to achieve practical results.
  3. “CanCham” SIA concept
    1. It was suggested that the CanCham offer the services of its members as a group to the general public. However, it was noted that the CanCham itself is not a commercial organization, and that this approach could possibly be initiated under the DMC concept by individual CanCham members.
  4. Seminars
    1. It was suggested that special interest seminars should be organized by members. Energolukss and Divine Heat volunteered to set up a seminar relating to energy projects.

The Construction Related Services Group will meet again once the DMC procedure is established.

Please follow for updates.