Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) Seminar
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We are glad to invite you to the seminar on the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the Europe Union on February 10th at 11.00am at the Latvian Chamber of Commerce premises. The seminar has been co-organized by the Embassy of Canada, The Latvian chamber of Commerce and the Canada Latvia Chamber of Commerce. You will learn more about CETA and the opportunities it presents for Canada, the EU, and the Baltic countries.

 Ambassador Morrison will discuss the ground-breaking agreement and highlight areas in which the European Union, and more specifically the Baltic countries’ economies, is likely to benefit from this agreement.CETA is a result of a 2007 study on the prospects of a bilateral free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union. On October 18,2013, Canadian Prime Minister Harper and European Union President Barosso announced the conclusion of an Agreement in Principle on aComprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. This means that the key terms of the agreement have been agreed upon, and it will now enter the technical and legal stages before being translated, signed, and ratified by all parties. CETA includes trade in goods and services as well as investment protection, regulatory provisions, and government procurements. CETA is expected to boost Canada’s trade with the EU by 20%, which presents opportunities for three of the Baltic economies.The implementation of CETA will have a positive impact on trade in general in the Baltics; however, trade inapparel, furniture, chemicals, plastics, and scientific instruments have been identified as specific growth areas under CETA.

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