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The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia

Connecting Northern Europe to Canada

The bridge between the EU, North America, and Russia/Central Asia/Ukraine/Belarus

Located in Riga, Latvia
Welcome to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (CanCham).

The CanCham was established in 2000 to: 

  • strengthen the bonds between Canada and Latvia through promoting mutual business interests;
  • increase awareness in the Latvian business community of Canadian economic and business interests, and commercial capabilities;
  • support economic and business initiatives by Canadian and Latvian interests in each other's country, including outreach to companies operating in both markets;
  • work with the Canadian Embassy in Latvia and other organizations, and the Latvian Embassy in Canada, in identifying business opportunities and expanding business linkages between Canada and Latvia;
  • provide a social forum for the Canadian business community and to facilitate social contacts between representatives of Canadian and Latvian businesses;
  • advocate at all levels in Latvia support for the continued development of principles of fair business practice.

How to become a member:

What the CanCham does for its members: The CanCham actively promotes the business interests of its members, whether they be in Latvia or Canada, through various programs which include the Partnership for Profit program and Governance program by using a cluster organizational approach. Clusters are special topic/interest groups (work groups) that focus on promoting the objectives of each group. Members of a cluster include those who have an interest in a topic and wish to participate in the group. To participate in a cluster, one must be a CanCham member, but members may invite guests to meetings. Meetings are held in Riga and Toronto, but accommodations will also be made for those not able to attend meetings to involve them in these activities.

  • Partnership for Profit: Partnership for Profit is the approach used to develop business opportunities for CanCham members. We believe in the importance of effective networking and consider effective networking to be a foundation for creating business opportunities. We respect business owners and managers time, and use our experience to ensure that they get as much out of events as possible and have the opportunity to connect with people who could be useful. We use networking meetings involving panel discussions and guest speakers, and business after hours networking opportunities where members promote their organizations. The CanCham Web site and Face Book are used for communication and promotional purposes. Members are divided into work groups each with a work group leader to enhance communication and working together.
  • Governance: The Governance program considers actions to be taken to deal with troublesome government laws, regulations and/or practices. We offer those companies and individuals who have had “bad” experiences with the bureaucracy to share their experiences and work with the CanCham to seek solutions, and have an established method to use to deal with such issues.

Short term objective
The CanCham intends to optimize the expected benefits from the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), the Canada/European Union free trade agreement that will remove most tariffs and bureaucracy between the EU and Canada and will greatly impact small and medium sized business. See This will provide major export opportunities for EU and Canadian companies, particularly for small and medium sized businesses. The agreement has been approved by both EU and Canadian parliaments and is currently going through the ratification process before becoming fully implemented.

The CanCham is not a commercial organization and does not participate in commercial activity. However, CanCham members offer B2B services directly. CanCham members can:

  1. Provide vital services to foreign companies wishing to do business in Latvia including:
    1. representing their interests in winning contracts and developing opportunities,
    2. providing legal representation,
    3. setting up new companies or joint ventures,
    4. assisting with networking and partnering with reliable contacts in the region,
    5. developing web sites in Latvian and Russian,
    6. developing sales organizations in Latvia and the Baltic region,
    7. using our experiences to help foreigners better understand the culture and traditions they are dealing with.
  2. Provide reliable services for Latvian companies wishing to do business in abroad including:
    1. sourcing strategic partners,
    2. developing export opportunities
    3. seeking investment capital.
    4. using our experiences to help Latvians to better understand the culture and business environment they wish to do business with,
    5. providing opportunities to work with foreign companies wishing to do business in Latvia.

Work Groups

Work Groups provide their services mostly in Canada and/or Europe

  1. Business Support Services are administrative, legal and financial services that help members and clients set up and maintain businesses. For related companies see
  2. Business Promotion Services provide marketing and sales related services. For related companies see
  3. Business Travel Services provide services related to business travel, conferences and tourism. For related companies see
  4. Construction Related Services range from project management, architectural design, construction, and the provision of materials and services and logistics. For related companies see
  5. Export, and export related services include the sale of products, equipment and technical services, and providing market entry services. For related companies see
  6. Healthcare and Pharma Services include medical services, medical tourism, and services for the pharmaceutical industry. For related companies see
  7. Sales representatives are companies offering foreign-produced equipment, products or services in the local market. For related companies see
  8. The Production group includes manufacturers of equipment and products in the local market. For related companies see
Other information:
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  5. Contact Information
    1. Legal and Mailing Address: Vienības gatve 109, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1058
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