Welcome to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
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Our members:

  1. Complete member file and companies they represent:
  2. Canadians in the Baltics:
  3. Our new members – welcome to the CanCham:
  4. Member SELL SHEETS: More detailed information about our members and the services they offer:

Members by industry:

  1. Members producing Products or Equipment in Latvia and/or the Baltic region
  2. Latvian Companies Exporting Products or Equipment
  3. Latvian Companies Providing Services Internationally
  4. Business Travel, Tourism & Recreation
  5. Healthcare (Medical Services, Medical Tourism & Pharma)
  6. Development Projects
  7. Construction Related Services
  8. Business Support
  9. CanCham Members offering Promotional Services in Latvia and/or the Baltic region
  10. Members who work as Sales Representatives offering Services or Products in Latvia and/or the Baltic region