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Vladimirs Čamāns

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Business development and
management consulting  

Services provided by Vladimirs Čamāns from Riga, Latvia..

Management: Vladimirs Čamāns is a graduate of the Riga Technical University, hold Dr,Sc.Ing. (dynamics, special purpose manipulators, docking operations), E*MBA (Scandinavian International Management Institute, Copenhagen).
As Associate Professor and Research Project Leader cooperated with leading manufacturing, aviation and space research companies and was engaged in educational process for students and post-graduates.
As a Managing Director with extensive experience across nearly all facets of the business (industrial B2B and FMCG sectors) value chain through 20+ years of employment at international manufacturing companies have an outstanding record in significantly increasing revenue by developing and implementing innovative initiatives that achieve quick success and produce solid sustainable growth. 
Have proven an ability to influence people, strategy and operations, think strategically, build and empower teams in solving problems and/or managing day-to-day business in efficient ways, and achieve targets and results 
As a business consultant manage client engagements involving a variety of business solutions and business projects in diverse areas ranging from investments and manufacturing to issues related to operational audits, business applications of pyrolysis, implementation of LNG, etc.


  1. Full P&L responsibility for all aspects of management, commercial development, business strategy and company operations
  2. Taking businesses from start-up to full-scale operation and building enterprise value or orchestrating successful business turnarounds.
  3. Identifying lack of transparent and clear internal processes/functions causing inefficient performance and hindering company’s development and growth, and taking action to align them between each other to improve operational efficiency and drive performance 
  4. Managing changes if any are needed and ensuring activities are managed in the most cost effective manner and are in line with customer requirements.
  5. Incorporating the best available practices and technologies (Lean, TOC, POC, etc.) to improve quality, efficiency and productivity.
  6. Directing the resolution of highly complex or unusual business problems, while applying advanced analytical thought and judgment.

For more information, contact Vladimirs Čamāns avladimirs.camans@inbox.lv.

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