Technical Partners

Service Organization:   
Technical Partners 
“TP Riga” SIA
Registration Nr. 40103217350 (Latvia)
Technical Partners International Inc.
Registration Nr 1845122 (Ontario) 

Ed Kalvins, P.Eng. 
Vienîbas gatve 109
Rîga, Latvia, LV-1058
17 Dee Ave., Toronto,
Ontario, Canada, M9N 1S8

Additional Information:
Date/Place Business Established:
April, 1992, Toronto, Canada
February, 1994, Riga, Latvia 
Form of Business:       
Project Management
Areas of expertise:       
Latvia and Canada
Food & Pharmaceuticals
Construction Related Services
Organization and Planning





Services provided by Technical Partners from its Riga, Latvia office.
Management: Ed Kalvins  is a Latvian-Canadian who operates Technical Partners International Inc. of Canada and “TP Riga” SIA of Latvia from offices in Riga, Latvia.  As a Canadian engineer with extensive Project, Production and Engineering experience in Canada and 20+ years in Latvia, he has developed both a significant contact network and a deep understanding of local conditions while still understanding western business expectations. 

His particular strength is documentation and control processes required in project management and helping clients manage and develop their businesses.
He developed and uses the PM-PROformance™ System,, a hands-on project management system which helps small and medium sized business units organize project work, and supports business initiatives as the President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (


  1. Monitoring Consultancy protecting owner’s interests in project work provides clients with independent expertise as to the methodology used in project work and/or the effectivity with which the projects are being completed for the following types of projects:
    1. construction related projects (new facilities or renovations),
    2. procurement,
    3. food and pharmaceuticals,
    4. operations management and business development
  2. Representative Services extends the client’s management team by providing specialists to help meet Client objectives if a client 
    1. is moving into a new and unfamiliar market,
    2. needs additional personnel or expertise,
    3. is establishing a new sales or manufacturing unit,
    4. is involved in manufacturing or construction related activities,
    5. needs assistance with company management and planning,
    6. is involved in import or export,
    7. is looking for investment capital or strategic partners,
    8. needs someone to fill in when the boss isn’t around.
  3. Project Management services including:
    1. total project management,
    2. coaching/training a client’s own personnel involved with projects, 
    3. preparing User Requirement Specifications for equipment or services purchases, or expansion projects,
    4. evaluating proposals and quotations,
    5. organizing projects, project information and preparing timelines,
    6. preparing Project or Plant Master Files.
    7. completing feasibility studies / business plans.
  4. Equipment sales and related services: see

The RESULTThe Client will receive specialist services under the most economical conditions.
For more information, contact Ed Kalvins at

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Monday, April 22nd, 2024 at 18.30 - CanCham Board & Audit Committee Meeting

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