Smart Continent LV Ekoterm
Service Organization:   
Smart Continent LV Ekoterm SIA
Registration Nr. 40103070504 (Latvia)
Gints Turlajs, CEO 
Mārstaļu street 2/4, Rīga,
Rīga, Latvia, LV-1050
Contact Info:
Mob. +371 29409509
Tel. +371 66002144
Fax +371 66002144
SKYPE: gintst
Additional Information:
Date/Place Business Established:
1992 / Riga, Latvia
Form of Business:       
SIA, Limited liability company
Areas of expertise:       
Expert services


Services provided by Smart Continent LV Ekoterm from its Riga, Latvia office.

Management: Gints Turlajs, CEO and Daniels Turlajs, Chairman of the Board are key members of the scientific community in Latvia. Smart Continent has concluded participation in 2 successful 7th FP projects. Gints is also a board member in the Latvian Business Consultants Association and a business lecturer. Smart Continent LV Ekoterm is on the official list of experts of the enterprise register of Latvia and provides investors with valuations of company assets.  


  1. Expert services – Provide the services of a wide network of specialists including economists, business gurus, engineers, natural scientists, social scientists. Requirements are customer defined.
  2. Valuations – Perform both custom (eg. evaluation of EU funded projects - applications and project results) and standardised (eg. company valuation, valuation for enterprise register of Latvia) valuations.
  3. Research – Wish to partner in Horizon 2020 and other scientific projects.
  4. Consulting – Provide on-site customized consulting, trainings, etc.
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