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Service Organization:    
SIA “Stendenberga” /
Registration Nr. 50103822151 (Latvia)
Daiga Štendenberga
Izstāžu iela 11, Kekavas pag., Kekavas nov.,
Izstāžu komplekss "Rāmava", 
LV-1076, Latvia 
Contact Info:
+371 20390825
Additional Information: 
Date/Place Business Established:
SIA “Stendenberga” 
07.10.2014, Riga, Latvia
formerly “Crepido” SIA
07.10.2009, Riga, Latvia
Form of Business:       
Sales agency
Areas of expertise:        
Construction related services Foundations

Services provided by from its Riga, Latvia office and warehouse.


Daiga Štendenberga, the owner of SIA “Stendenberga” represents Krinner ground screws for providing foundations which replace concrete foundations. This is a new, patented technology from Germany. 


Applications include:

  • hall and container construction
  • timber-frame construction, houses, portable buildings
  • fencing systems
  • urban, landscape and landscape construction
  • docks
  • tree supports
  • street signs, posts
  • stadium roof supports
  • hangars
  1. Sale of ground screws
  2. Application design
  3. Installation
  4. Turn-key design and construction involving ground screws
For more information, contact Daiga Štendenberga at