Curling  team visit to Latvia economy package, package price per person
A visit to Riga, Latvia for a curling team based on the following:
  • visit for one (1) team, for 1 week (7 days) with services starting from the Riga international airport,
  • The group includes 4 players  and 4 accompanying persons for a total of 8 people, with the players coming with 5 kg equipment bags.
  • a firm quotation will be provided once details established.
All services are arranged by the European Recreational and Old-timers Hockey Association (EROHA) - in cooperation with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

Services provided by the EROHA include:
  • three (3)  games of 2 hours ice time duration with teams of equal calibre,  
  • practice hour
  • a social event with the partner team after the game, children under 12 at no cost.
  • equipment rentals (shoes, brooms)
  • travel
  • transfer from airport, 
  • transfer to airport, 
  • transport to and from games (3) and practice, 
  • accommodation
  • hotel accommodation for 7 nights
  • 2 person accommodation (twin beds or double bed) in 1 bedroom apartment at RIGAAPARTMENT SONADA Aparthotel:
  • Client is responsible for own food purchases and meal preparation unless arranged otherwise.
  • tours, entertainment - extra
Note: The package price is indicative only and including all applicable taxes for the services described here-in, and is subject to confirmation based on the services agreed to between both parties, the service date, circumstances, upgrades and added features required by the client, and the need to meet Covid-19 restrictions and visa requirements. etc. A firm proposal will be issued to the client by the service provider which will be the basis for an agreement and invoicing.
For additional information, contact Normunds Kupcis at
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