An invitation to Canadians in Canada

Dear friends,

The main objective of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (CanCham) is to develop business opportunities between Canada and Latvia. Now is the time to take advantage of CETA, the recent free trade agreement between Canada and the EU.  We are promoting the development of strategic partnerships between Canadian and Latvian entrepreneurs. Here in Latvia, CanCham members are available to work with their Canadian counterparts.

We invite Canadian entrepreneurs who are interested in developing business opportunities in Northern Europe, the EU, and points east including Central Asia, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia to work with us to develop these opportunities. To explore possibilities, please contact the CanCham at We’ll get back to you to discuss these possibilities. 

To our FB friends who are not involved in business – if you know someone who is, please share this with them and let them know about the CanCham. Latvia needs reliable partners in Canada to help us grow the economy over here, and we know we can help Canadians grow theirs. Let’s work together to bring Latvia and Canada closer together.

If you are visiting Latvia in early June, please consider visiting us when we  Focus on Canada and the Canadian Embassy with H.E. Alain Hausser, Canadian Government Ambassador to Latvia on Monday, June 4th at 18.30. This would be a good possibility to network with the folks on our side. See for details.

Best regards,

Ed Kalvins