Agriculture Based Services and Products


Artis Lielbardis
Agriculture Based Services Group Leader,
Chairman of LPKS Rujienas Oga, 


VestaFume TLG
Inga Bojare, +371 29 349 874,
Black currant Biological farming. Production of fresh and frozen berries.
LPKS Rūjienas oga
Artis Lielbardis, +371 29 600 462,
Agricultural Services Co-operative Society: Ensures production planning and adaptation to demand, promotes concentration of supply and introducing products into the market, helps reduce production costs and stabilizes producer prices, and promotes the use of good manufacturing practices.

ZS Medīgas
Juris Kudapa, +371 29 475 422,
Flower, herb and vegetable seeds and plants



Ivars Keviesens, +371 26 498 000,
Seeding, planting and tillage equipment 


Uldis Muiznieks, +371 29 287 637,  
Brewery. Beer.


Cannelle Bakery
Ivars Skrebelis, +371 29 213 415,
Yeast Dough Pies, Short-crust Pastry and Savoury Fillings Doughnuts with Sweet and Savoury Fillings, Curd Scones, Frozen Bread and Pastries for export.


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