Canadians or companies offering Canadian services and/or equipment in Latvia and/or the Baltic Region 




 Legal Services
Retail and non-retail road transportation fuel business, fuel station convenience business 
Web site development
Project Management for the food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.
Market entry support, translation,
construction related services - shoring & forming & 
construction materials  
Develop commercial real estate
Provide asset management services  



jazz bar and restaurant
Black currant Biological farming. Production of fresh and frozen berries. 


 Transportation, recreation, aerial work with helicopters. Sale of new Bell helicopters, full technical maintenance, pilot training.
Consultant in organizational behaviour & strategic planning 

Paint, plasters, wallpapers

Artistic jewellery
utilizing ethnographic folk elements
 Larry Chilton  Milad Asdaghi  
 Abens Konsultants, Riga tours, English language translation and training. Breakwell Group  


Low temperature steam sterilizer providing infectious waste solutions for dealing with hospital/clinical waste, airline/ship waste and liquid waste.
Regulatory & Compliance, Equipment Qualification & Process Validation, QA Services for Pharma, Biotech and Cosmetic Industries.
Custom environmental and cleanrooms, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, control systems. 
Odor Control Systems. 
Export Market Development to Canada 
Award-winning, brand-driven strategy. copywriting and graphic design. International clients spanning all industry sectors and media
Bringing innovations to market through mentoring, partnering and connecting.
Import strategy, consulting and commercial agent work in Canada

Process and equipment design for the food and pharmaceutical industries.  
Maintenance Management specialists.
Software for preventive maintenance. 
Project Management for small to mid-sized manufacturers, municipalities, non-profits and businesses. 

Systems for sawmill & lumber handling, biomass & pelletization industries. 
Environmental project consulting.
Spray foam insulation products.
Emergency temporary and portable high voltage transmission line towers.

Landscape architects - site analysis, master planning, concept design, detail design, construction details and specifications, tender documents, contract management
Solar air heating systems using building exterior walls. 
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